Mojo + CD (06-2022)

In this issue:

Includes 10-track CD! – Grateful dead. Europe or bust! – Elizabeth Fraser. Cocteau Twin Speaks! – Exclusive! ‘Funny how things turn out…’ Oasis, Noel and the Triumph of Liam Gallagher – Mojo presents Grateful Dead. From The Bay To The Pool. Live 1971-1978 – 155 reviews – Sex Pistols. Their new tv show – shot by shot! – Sting: ‘The police were outsiders from the start’ – Nick Cave: Ready for this close-up – Sharon van Etten: Comeback kid! – Labelle: ‘We blazed a trail’ – Magazine: Post-Punk’s Jinxced pioneers tell all – And! The unheard Neil Young




About this magazine:

Mojo Magazine is one of the world’s finest music Magazines. Designed for those who truly love music, every month Mojo provides exclusive encounters with music’s greatest icons, while celebrating tomorrow’s stars today. A hand-compiled collector’s CD soundtracks every issue, while Mojos definitive reviews section provides you with the ultimate buyer’s guide.
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